All MTV productions are done at Studiovision, a leading regional production powerhouse with studios in Lebanon and Dubai. Our partnership with Studiovision has helped us throughout the years develop groundbreaking programming of the highest production quality, throughout the years.
For Over 13 Years

For over 13 years, our expertise and professionalism have led to some of the most recognizable hits in Arab TV entertainment. With a range of original ideas and famous shows adapted to Arabic, such as "The X Factor", "Taratata", "Talk of the Town", "Family Feud", "Chance of a Lifetime", and "Everybody's Equal", Studiovision has raised the bar of quality in TV production and changed the way Arab audiences experience television.

One-stop-shop Production house

From Studiovision's premises in Naccache, Lebanon to its studios in Dubal, we offer the latest and best in terms of production capacity, equipment and by far the most qualified personnel.

With over 30,000 square meters across 6 locations, we are a true "one-stop-shop." Our 20 fully equipped and operational studios all outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment ranging from sophisticated lighting systems to high-tech audio engineering.

Control rooms, edit suites and an in-house design and construction team allow Studiovision to effectively service any size production and provide innovative turnkey solutions for the production of all kinds of programs from concept creation to final on-air broadcasts.

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